How to Create a Set of Flat Clock Icons in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be CreatingDespite the fact that many people nowadays use their smartphones to check the time, the clock remains one of the most popular items of the interior. There is a huge variety of shapes and colors and types of clock around us: kitchen timers, alarm clocks, flip clocks, wall clocks, cabinet clocks, and many other kinds of clock.In this tutorial we’ll be creating three different types of clock in a trendy flat style, applying solid colors and geometric shapes. We’ll learn to design the clock face, working with the Rotate Tool and…continue reading →

How to Create Email Templates in Gmail: With Canned Responses

It happened again. You opened your email and there was a message in there with the question you've already answered dozens of times. If you're tired of answering the same questions over and over, then Gmail Canned Responses can help.Use Canned Responses in Gmail to create email templates that you can re-use quickly with just a few modifications. Of course, not every email you send should be a template email response. Some emails require a more unique response. But for those that don't, you'd be surprised at how much time you could save by starting…continue reading →

How to Start Using COUNTIF, SUMIF, and AVERAGEIF in Excel

Learning Microsoft Excel is all about adding more and more formulas and functions to your toolbelt. Combine enough of these, and you can do practically anything with a spreadsheet.In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use three powerful Excel formulas: SUMIF, COUNTIF, and AVERAGEIF.Here we have a list of transactions for the month with some data on expenses.In the screenshot above, you can see that we have a list of transactions on the left side. If I want to keep an eye on my spending, I can use these three formulas to monitor it. On the right…continue reading →

New Short Course: A Visual Guide to CSS Animation

What You'll Be CreatingIt’s now possible to create awesome animation effects using pure CSS, without a scrap of JavaScript in sight. In our new short course, A Visual Guide to CSS Animation, you’ll learn how to create CSS animations powered by the transition and transform properties.What You’ll LearnBecause animations are highly visual, rather than getting bogged down in code you’re going to be learning visually. Envato Tuts+ instructor Kezz Bracey will guide you through the projects using Webflow’s popular visual web design tool (via a free account) so you’ll see your animations play out in real time,…continue reading →

Best of the Design Web: January 2017

2017 is already underway! So kick off the new year with amazing tutorials featuring the latest trends in graphic design and illustration. Tackle some new and exciting projects by checking out the following tutorials from across the web!10 Amazing Tutorials From Across the Web Drawing and Animating Horses: A Flipbook Tutorial In this tutorial, our very own Monika Zagrobelna teaches you how to draw and animate horses using Sketchbook. Learn how to create your own amazing animal animations while getting a complete anatomy breakdown. Visit Tutorial How to Create a Pair of Headphones…continue reading →

WordPress for Writers: Themes to Make Your Words Stand Out

Throughout history, we have seen just how much of an impact the written word can have. Whether used to declare freedom, spread important news or create a world of their own, words matter to us all.In more recent times, words have often taken a backseat–particularly online. With the advent of dazzling web technologies and the spread of broadband, websites often are overtaken with giant sliders, ads and the like. Even text-heavy sites can be hard to read in a distraction-free manner.With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips to help…continue reading →

How to Scrape Web Pages for Metadata

What You'll Be CreatingIntroductionRecently I began building a community site on top of the Yii platform which I wrote about in Programming With Yii2: Building Community with Comments, Sharing and Voting (Envato Tuts+). I wanted to make it easy to add links related to content on the site. While it's easy for people to paste URLs into forms, it becomes time-consuming to also provide title and source information.In today's tutorial, I'm going to show you how to leverage PHP to scrape common metadata from web pages to make it easier for your users to…continue reading →

How to Create a Set of Emoticons in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be CreatingThis tutorial was originally published in January 2013 as a Envato Tuts+ Premium tutorial. It is now available free to view. Although this tutorial does not use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator, its techniques and process are still relevant. In this tutorial we are going to draw a set of Emoticons or Smileys by using gradients and basics shapes that, combined with the Pathfinder panel, will give the emoticons life. So let's begin.Want an awesome emoticon pack for your next design project? Then check out our wicked selection of Premium…continue reading →

How to Make Your Resume Website More Interactive

When you set out to build a website for your resume, one of the primary goals is to stand out among your peers and get noticed. With so many websites created on a daily basis, it’s tough to beat the competition.But, there is a way to make your website more memorable and add personality to your brand. The quickest way to do that is to make your resume website more interactive.An interactive website allows visitors to connect with your site more by taking simple actions, such as: filling out a form, sharing your…continue reading →

How to Quickly Scale Your Side Business: With 5 Growth Strategies

Your side business can be a fun profitable project that you do during weekends, but what if you want more? For some people, a side business is just another step towards quitting their job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur. If you find that this goal appeals to you, you need to start planning on how you can scale your microbusiness into a much larger venture. This often means growing your customer base, making more sales, increasing profits, or growing the popularity of your brand. These goals are usually related. After all, as your customer base…continue reading →